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Here is my blog, and my bio.

You've probably got a million things to do and a hundred people lined up to give you more things to do. Just keep it all in perspective. Work hard, work smart, work with integrity. Spend time with what counts - which for many of us means more time with our family. And most of all, enjoy the journey, no matter what! See ya at the finish line...

I'm the original holder of the http://www.brillhart.com web site from back around 1990, when domain names were free.. Fees were imposed and my domainname expired, and another Dave Brillhart from Columbia, MD picked it up. So if you run across that site, it isn't me. There are a few Dave Brillhart's in this little world of ours (about 10ppb [parts per billion]), and one of them (us?) hijacked my web site :-) But that's okay, he has a great name!

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